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Realm History

The realm of Riverbend is based in the Alton area and held its first practice on Saturday March 13th, 2004. The group leaders are be interested in curso photoshop, Daemarth, and Brutus. The realm colors are gray and navy. The realm symbol is the Piasa bird.

Riverbend's goal is to create a group that safely reenacts medieval battles. Emphasis is placed on good sportsmanship and high quality garb.


Riverbend charges normal members $5 per year to participate. Any member that pays dues is known as a citizen. For more information on dues go here. Collected dues pay for sundry items necessary to run the realm, such as cups, loaner weapons, etc. Riverbend keeps its books public. If you wish to see detailed information on Riverbend's coffers, go here.

Dues for members of the Army of Riverbend are $10 per year. The Army is an official unit within Riverbend run by Brutus and Daemarth. For more information on the Army of Riverbend, check out their information page here.

Knights, Squires, heralds, linesmen, and group leaders pay $15 per year for dues.


Riverbend Combat Association is a contact sport. Minimum age for participation is 16. All members must present a valid photo ID and proof of date of birth. All members must sign a waiver, and those under the age of 18 must have a minor waiver signed and notarized.

Everyone who attends Riverbend practices is asked to respect those around them. There will be no smoking within 50 feet of the fighting field.

Anyone who is not old enough to participate in Riverbend or who wishes to watch is more than welcomed to show up at the field. We love spectators and someone will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.