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Riverbend is free to play for your first 7 attendances. After 7 attendances, we ask that you pay dues ($5). If you do not pay dues, you may still participate, but you will be ranked as a "Peasant." Anyone who has not paid their annual dues and has 8 or more attendances is a peasant. The complete ranking system is outlined below.

Peasant8+, no dues/garbWarrior104-118
Conscript54-64...the Powerful260-299
Footman65-76...the Great300-349

Once you reach the rank of Ruffian, all ranks are equal in terms of equipment restrictions. The only ranks that have equipment restrictions placed on them are Newbie, Novice, and Peasant.

Newbie Class

The Newbie class, as the name implies, is the class that all new members are initially placed in. The newbie class has several restrictions on equipment. These restrictions are not a "punishment" for being new. They are designed to help you learn the basic physical motions of the game while you are still new to learn, and to keep you from using a larger more dangerous weapon until you have a little more experience. Newbies are restricted to blue swords 30" and shorter overall length and shields no larger than a 28" round. Newbies also have the advantage of being able to use group loaner gear, they do not yet have to have their own equipment, and also do not have any garb requirements.

Novice Class

The Novice class is the next step up from Newbie. Your training is half completed at this point. To reflect this, you may now use swords up to 36 inches of overall length. Novices do not have access to group loaner gear, they must have their own equipment by this time, or else convince someone else to loan them one of their weapons. Novices must wear garb and be citizens or else they are considered a peasant.

Peasant Class

The Peasant class, as mentioned above, is for those who have 8 or more attendances and have not paid their annual dues, or are not in garb. Peasants are restricted to using only a single sword of 36 inches or less overall length.


A citizen is defined as any member of the realm who has paid their dues. Any citizen who has achieved the rank of Novice or higher must be in garb, or else they are restricted to the same equipment as peasants.

Citizens also enjoy additional incentives. In addition to the sword length bonus (see below), Citizens are also invited to attend Riverbend cookouts and feasts, which occur periodically on special occassions.


As an incentive for those that have paid their dues, citizens are allowed the use of swords 2 inches longer than their class allows. Additionally, any member in garb may use a sword 2 inches longer than their class allows, for a maximum of 4 extra inches for citizens in garb.

Proficiency Tests

Proficiency tests are usually held at the end of each practice for those citizens who wish to use weaponry not normally allowed for their class. For instance, a newbie may take a proficiency test for the right to use novice class weaponry, or a novice may test for the right to use a specific weapon not allowed by novice class restrictions. For more information about tests, click here.