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Welcome to Riverbend Combat Association's homepage!

Riverbend Combat Association, or just Riverbend, is a medieval/fantasy themed sport located in the Alton, Illinois area where participants engage in combat reenactment using foam weaponry. Participants are encouraged to use their imagination in the construction of their clothing and equipment students and media. For more information on specifications, check the rules link to the left.

Riverbend is a contact sport. Participants can execute shield bashes, shield kicks, and grappling as specified in the rules. Because of the inherent risk of this combat sport, the minimum age for participation is 18. If you are not old enough to participate or would just like to watch, please come out and see what we're all about. We love spectators!

If Riverbend sounds like something you'd like to try, come on out to our field. There is no charge to try, and yearly dues are only 10 bucks after you've been out a few times. We have equipment available to borrow, so there's nothing stopping you from giving it a shot! If you have any further questions email Brutus.

We update the site as new information becomes available. Check back often to browse our web forum or check our media section for pictures from practices and events. The banner to the right lists our practice location and times, as well as information on cancellations and special events.

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Riverbend's 2012 Season is here! Join the fray every Sunday at 2PM at Glazebrook Park in Godfrey.

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