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Saturday Practice Directions

Riverbend Combat Association meets weekly 11AM-2PM on Saturdays at Robert E. Glazebrook Community Park in Godfrey. The park is located off of Godfrey Rd. (111/67) on the south side of Stamper Ln. Stamper Ln. is the first stoplight south of Lewis and Clark College.

For a map click here.

Wednesday Practice Directions

Riverbend also has a weekday meeting at 5PM on Wednesdays at the park in Brighton. The park is located on the west side of Rte. 67 in the middle of Brighton, right next to the water tower. Just take 67 into town and look to the west side of the street for a covered basketball court and you can't miss the park. The approximate location of the park is represented by the red and blue crossed swords in the map below. The inset picture in the map below shows the location of Brighton in relation to Jerseyville, Godfrey, and Alton.